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 We offer many Sensory Items at the gym and some can be ordered online.  Remember us before your child's Birthday, or,   when planning to travel--you may find a "fidget" from us can help everyone on a car trip!


In the future, we plan to offer JOB TRAINING and gainful EMPLOYMENT for PWD.  We hope to PARTNER with local agencies and school districts to provide sites for student workers to learn "Soft Skills" and other tasks to improve their employability and increase self-esteem by creating an environment where they can feel valuable.  They will feel pride and joy by seeing the results of their hard work!

Partnerships with local colleges will help to expose those "Typical Students" for jobs working with the Special Needs populations; Future Teachers, Family Counselors, Coaches, and other professionals wanting to expand their potential.

*Proceeds from student workers' efforts will go towards continuing programs and scholarships.

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