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"Creating a Safe, Sensory Rich Environment for People with Special Needs"

In the McGrath household, music is the one reliable means to communicate with our younger son, Brendan.  While he cannot use words to converse, he can sing lyrics of songs to communicate his feelings.  Sometimes he even communicates his needs through song.  It's our greatest wish to share our musical path to communication with other families with children like Brendan.


At times, the sounds of the world around us can be stressful.  Our gym will have Sensory Rooms designated to be quiet and calm so that visitors can relax and regroup.  White noise and other sounds can soothe some and low lights or even light "shows" can soothe others. 


Physical space and textures can help calm some.  Brendan likes to scrunch up in small, dark places to chill out.  Visitors to our gym may find relief in one of our comfy "rabbit holes".  Others may want to swing from a hammock, or spin in a chair.  Sometimes having a place to go that will welcome us seems difficult.  All Abilities Gym will be a comforting place for the whole family.  Care providers can feel assured that their kids will have fun and be cared for, while they can rest or socialize, too.  It will be a "win-win" for everyone.


By offering Occupational Therapy and Sensory equipment as well as Enrichment Classes and Social Groups and providing Parent Education and Networking Opportunities, All Abilities Gym will help build relationships and strengthen families in our community. Certified professionals lead athletes through exercise programs, train others to navigate their community, or teach culinary or computer skills while family and friends enjoy the gym, resource center or "cafe".


We look forward to meeting you and your family and to working with other agencies in the area.  Let us host your next celebration or, "Team Building Event".  Contact us to discuss using our site for weekly or monthly meetings.  We want to share our resources with our community.  How can we support you?

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