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We hope to open our gym close to the 680 corridor so as to best serve the most families in Central Contra Costa County.  Families will enjoy having various therapies offered at the same, convenient location.  Children will be motivated to work hard during therapy in order to have their reward of "Gym Time" after their private session.  Typical siblings and friends will ask to tag along so they can enjoy the Gym and Digital Media Room.  Families can relax, have a smoothie, browse the Resource Room, chat with other Special Families and care providers all while their child is in the qualified, compassionate and helpful hands of the All Abilities staff. 

Main Gym
Any active kiddo will enjoy exploring our main gym.  There are several swings, a trampoline, a rock wall, a zip line, cargo nets, and play structures.  Staff will guide kids through the gym and encourage them to try different things.  Certified fitness experts lead specific classes.

There are several balls for rolling and bouncing on, plasma cars and scooters, pulleys and ramps to offer "whole body", or, "large muscle work".

Sensory Room

When a child becomes overstimulated, our Sensory Room may be the best place to calm them.  Soft lighting, sounds and textures along with light machines and bubble machines may be just the thing to do the trick.  Staff can assist you as you try new methods, including Brushing, Weighted Blankets and Compressions to aide your child.

Digital Media Room

This is the place for all "Gamers!"  If Minecraft is your thing, you'll find many friends here!  PC workstations, Wii and XBOX games fill this space.  After school enrichment classes will also be taught here. 


Smoothies & Snacks

Many children are motivated to try a new food when they see other children happily eating the item.  Ask our staff about adding nutritional supplements to your child's food.  Maybe we can help even the pickiest of eaters to have better nutrition!

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