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We plan to offer Respite Events at least TWICE a month!  This is the time when families can drop off their children knowing they'll be well taken care of.  Respite Events allow families time to "recharge their batteries" without worrying about the difficulties of managing "different behaviors" in the outside Neurotypical World.  Some families may take this opportunity to focus on engaging their Typical child in an activity of their choice.  Other families may use this time for special bonding time for just the grown-ups.  "Date Night" can happen, again! 


Hopefully, we can also arrange Private Party Events for our community's Special Needs groups.  This will allow families who may already know of one another to have time to get to know each other better.  A sense of belonging and knowing that others will accept you as you are is so important!  Come get to know other families with Special Needs.  It can be very helpful to SEE how other families interact with their kids, and many parents can learn strategies from these simple exchanges.


AND, ever the optimist, we hope to host special themed events like, "Mamas and Movies", and other specialized events.  Please suggest our location to your, Facebook group, or other Social Club!


Birthday Parties?  Scout or Team Sleepover?

Why not choose our gym to host?

1st Sleepover?  Need to practice before "Outdoor Ed." Camping?   Anxious campers can practice being away from home safely with doting care of "Special Need Family Experts".  We will help ease this transitional experience for the whole family!


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